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This folder contains documents relating to consultations undertaken by the NDP Working Party which will be analysed to produce their recommendations.

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NDP-0313 Index of Regulation 16 Responses to ENC 110.94KB
NDP-0239 Interested Parties Landowner Responses (updated following meeting 2015 11 12) 774.96KB
NDP-0238 Response to ENC (updated following meeting 2015 11 12) 1015.77KB
NDP-0212 Chelveston Revised Neighbourhood Area Consultation 969.73KB
NDP-0207 Consultation Representations v1.0 1.23MB
NDP-0180 Parish Council Preferred Site Recommendation v1.0 1.17MB
NDP-V005 Voting Procedures 743.51KB
NDP-0177 Criteria for evaluating results of poll 213.47KB
NDP-RESULTS 2014 03 27 v2.0 1.66MB
NDP-0171 Resident Comments 2014 02 09 3.01MB
NDP-0160 Exhibition Feedback 1.2MB
NDP-0155 WildAcre Planning Application 13 02098 FUL 3.74MB
NDP-0120 Suggested NDP Layout 578.04KB
NDP-0078 Call for Aspirational Sites 712.55KB
NDP-0065 Melchbourne and Yelden PC Introduction to the Chelveston cum Caldecott NDP 762.07KB

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