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This folder contains documents relating to evidence collected by the NDP Working Party which will be analysed to produce their recommendations.

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NDP-0217 Natural England Response to SEA HRA Screenings 889.44KB
NDP-0216 Environment Agency Response to SEA HRA Screenings 549.81KB
NDP-0215 Chelveston NDP SEA Screening 999.22KB
NDP-0214 Chelveston NDP HRA Screening 983.01KB
NDP-0213 Equalities Impact Assessment Screening 831.9KB
NDP-0202 Report on St John Baptist Capacity 2014 09 03 2.52MB
NDP-0192 Mins APA 2013 87.74KB
NDP-0191 Mins APA 2012 46.08KB
NDP-0187 Walks Leaflet 409.51KB
NDP-0183 1995 Village Appraisal 870.75KB
NDP-0184 2002 Village Appraisal 772.43KB
NDP-0185 2004 Village Appraisal 588.16KB
NDP-0186 2010 Village Appraisal 659.07KB
NDP-0168 Chelveston cum Caldecott population query 734.9KB
NDP-0148 Housing Density Analysis v0.5 1.7MB
NDP-0139 Chelston Rise Existing numbers of bedrooms 734.94KB
NDP-0014 Chelveston cum Caldecott Neighbourhood Plan Results 2013 04 21 with cover letter 3.41MB
NDP-0015 Chelveston cum Caldecott Neighbourhood Plan Results Presentation 2013 04 29 1.16MB

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