Chelveston-cum-Caldecott Parish Council
Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

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This folder contains all the correspondence relating to membership of the NDP Working Party

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NDP-0031 Barry Davies Questions on NDP Process 519.47KB
NDP-0026 Pieter Mommersteeg Response to NDP 0017 528.93KB
NDP-0023 Pieter Mommersteeg Meeting File Note 2013 06 21 526.33KB
NDP-0017 Pieter Mommersteeg Comments on membership of working party 523.03KB
NDP-0011 Andrew Seaman Confusion over membership of working party 522.22KB
NDP-0003 Barry Davies and Co Decline Working Party Membership 324.95KB
NDP-0027 Jane Seaman Appointment as Clerk of the NDP Working Party 474.61KB
NDP-0019 Sarah Stopps Declaration of Interest 540.3KB
NDP-0025 Tricia Buckman Neighbourhood Development Plan Working Party Membership Information 478.28KB
NDP-0016 Chris Wheatcroft Chelveston cum Caldecott NDP Working Party 480.35KB
NDP-0012 Clerkship to the Working Party 491.43KB
NDP-0013 SP Broadway Telephone Conversation File Note 482.65KB
NDP-0006 Caroline Robinson Working Party Appointment 499.84KB
NDP-0009 Sarah Stopps Working Party Appointment 513.98KB
NDP-0010 Working Party Member Introductory Briefing Note 512.36KB
NDP-0007 Andrew Seaman Working Party Appointment 299.55KB
NDP-0008 Paul Welton Working Party Appointment 297.83KB
NDP-0004 Pieter Mommersteeg Decline Working Party Membership 503.07KB
NDP-0002 Liam Russell Architects Decline Working Party Membership 364.7KB

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