Chelveston-cum-Caldecott Parish Council
Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Land holdings

This folder contains details of land holdings in the Parish.

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NDP-0075 Consolidated Parish Land Holdings 923.82KB
NDP-0067 Stuart Les Carr Land Holdings 875.16KB
NDP-0076 Chelston Rise Estate Plan 1.38MB
NDP-0073 CRE Land Holdings 885.87KB
NDP-0074 Mommersteeg Land Holdings 876.27KB
NDP-0072 James and Thomas Sawyers Charity Land Holdings 951.64KB
NDP-0070 Patrick Mould Land Holdings 876.62KB
NDP-0069 Roger Norman Ringstead Land Holdings 882.86KB
NDP-0068 Michael Maria Farrow Land Holdings 881.11KB
NDP-0066 Ray Knight Land Holdings 876.38KB
NDP-0064 Duchy of Lancaster Land Holdings 881.99KB
NDP-0060 Keith Carr Land Holdings 878.79KB

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