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North Northamptonshire
NDP-0162 DfT Manual for Streets 4.87MB
NDP-0241 Draft Northamptonshire Parking Standards 1.62MB
NDP-0240 ENC Mins 08 Apr 2015 754.67KB
NDP-0161 Northamptonshire Highways Place and Movement Guide 2.88MB
NDP-0157 Neighbourhood Planning Simple Guide for Councillors 1.1MB
NDP-0150 Analysis of National Planning Policy Framework 1.18MB
NDP-0144 ENC 1996 Local Plan Section 04 759.39KB
NDP-0114 ENC Saved Local Plan Policies 708.22KB
NDP-0147 ENC 1996 Local Plan Section 08 668.86KB
NDP-0143 ENC 1996 Local Plan Section 06 661.48KB
NDP-0145 ENC 1996 Local Plan Section 03 722.19KB
NDP-0146 ENC 1996 Local Plan Section 02 669.36KB
NDP-0141 National Planning Policy Framework 1.52MB
NDP-0131 Neigbourhood Planning Gemma Dennis Presentation 1.07MB
NDP-0113 Statement of Community Involvement 657.66KB
NDP-0124 Planning Practice Guidance for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy 770.12KB
NDP-0118 Community Engagement Strategy 827KB
NDP-0079 ENC Housing Plan Schedule Summary 705.98KB
NDP-0063 Existing Parish Boundary 2.04MB
NDP-0052 ENC Neighbourhood Planning Protocol 576.79KB
NDP-0053 NNJPU Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit 754.34KB
NDP-0056 Bedford BC Allocations and Designations Local Plan July 2013 4.04MB
NDP-0055 Bedford BC Yelden and Melchbourne Allocations and Designations Map 908.76KB
NDP-0039 AMR 2012 East Northants Housing Site Schedule 504.1KB
NDP-0022 Probity in planning For councillors and officers 839.92KB
NDP-0020 Openness and transparency on personal interest a guide for councillors 516.15KB
NDP-0021 The Seven Principles Committee on Standards in Public Life 450.34KB
NDP-0045 ENC Three Towns Plan Preferred Village Options 2006 3.79MB
NDP-0040 ENC Village Planning Boundaries 715.18KB
NDP-0038 ENC HFTC Housing Completion Figures 2001 2012 520.71KB
NDP-0001 Terms of Reference 2013 06 12 324.88KB

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