Chelveston-cum-Caldecott Parish Council
Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Aspirational Sites

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NDP-S013 JST Fork Trucks Higham Road 685.59KB
NDP-0172 Decision on admissibility of NDP S020b 801.62KB
NDP-SITES Index of Aspirational Sites 1.01MB
NDP-S020b Residential and Employement Opportunities Chelveston Airfield 722.91KB
NDP-S005 Elldred St Georges Row 821.94KB
NDP-S008 Keith Carr Raunds Road 693.52KB
NDP-S002 Oliver Kimbolton Road 623.47KB
NDP-S006 Knight Raunds Road 808.27KB
NDP-S001 Opposite Duchy Farm Bidwell Lane 694.15KB
NDP-S004a Chapman The Barns Caldecott 657.53KB
NDP-S004b Chapman The Barns Caldecott 655.92KB
NDP-S007 Knight Water Lane 688.03KB
NDP-S014 Allen Chelston Rise 736.63KB
NDP-S015 Craythorn Water Lane 743.33KB
NDP-S017 Woolhead Coote Bagley Britten Close 657.83KB
NDP-S018a Mommersteeg Caldecott 765.55KB
NDP-S018b Mommersteeg Caldecott 762.13KB
NDP-S019a WPG Chelston Rise 35 Houses 722.55KB
NDP-S019b WPG Chelston Rise 70 Houses 734.17KB
NDP-S020a CRE Chelveston Airfield 676.54KB
NDP-S021 Stuart Carr Duchy Field 836.76KB
NDP-SITESPLAN Plan of Aspirational Sites 1.51MB
NDP-S010 Keith Carr Bidwell Corner 1.62MB
NDP-S009 Keith Carr Kimbolton Road 1.04MB
NDP-S011 Keith Carr Bidwell Lane 1.35MB
NDP-S003 Bagley Britten Close 1.19MB
NDP-S012 Woolhead Britten Close 1.07MB
NDP-S016 Coote Britten Close 1.13MB
NDP-0170 Stuart Carr Duchy Field Proposal 2014 02 03 3.11MB
NDP-S019 WPG Chelston Rise Low Res 11.39MB
NDP-0164 Chelston Rise proposed traveller site decision notice 806.56KB
NDP-S004 Chapman The Barns Caldecott 1.69MB
NDP-0119 Duchy of Lancaster Aspirational Sites Further Correspondence 713.1KB
NDP-0112 Duchy of Lancaster Initial Response to call for aspirational sites v2.0 1.15MB

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