Chelveston-cum-Caldecott Parish Council
Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

Project Timetable

The Working Party will:

  1. Make a recommendation to the Parish Council on the boundary of the proposed plan in time for consideration at the Parish Council meeting in September 2013. This will enable an application to be made to East Northamptonshire Council (ENC). This application triggers a 6-week public consultation phase before an order can be made confirming the plan area.
    Achieved - NDP Area declared

  2. Prepare a Draft NDP, with underpinning evidence, for consideration at the Parish Council Meeting in March 2014. Subject to any minor revisions, this would then be discussed at the Annual Parish Assembly in April/May 2014 and distributed for consultation with residents soon afterwards.
    Housing development policies presented at Annual Parish Assembly in April 2014

  3. After consultation with residents, prepare the Regulation 14 consultation version of the NDP for approval by the Parish Council.
    Plan published for consultation with residents on 1st August 2014

  4. April/ May 2016 – ENC Preparation and Regulation 16 consultation - submitted to ENC on 16th March 2016

  5. June/ July 2016 – Independent Examination

  6. August 2016 – Examiner’s report – Examiner’s report published 24th November 2016.

  7. October 2016 – Referendum by the electors – Referendum 4th May 2017.

  8. Subject to a majority vote by the electors at the referendum, the plan would be “made” (adopted by ENC) just before Christmas 2016 - Made 17th July 2017.