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NDP-S001 - Duchy of Lancaster - Bidwell Lane

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NDP-S001 - Duchy of Lancaster - Bidwell Lane
Comment no.:Q231 Date:12/09/2014 17:36
Comment by:Neil Hall Post code:WC2E7ED
The proposed allocation of site NDP-S001 is welcomed and we look forward to dialogue with the community on how high quality new homes can be delivered should the plan be adopted.

The main concern with regard to the emerging plan is the phasing of this site for release post 2025/26 over 10 years away. The scheme is modest in scale and it is unclear why it could not be developed earlier.

The suggested timing creates uncertainty in terms of how the site is utilised and managed during the period to 2026. As acknowledged elsewhere in the Plan there is an opportunity to improve the street scene and help with traffic calming on Bidewell Lane through the access design. Earlier delivery of the site could therefore help with early delivery of these benefits for existing and new residents.

It is suggested that the phasing of the site to post 2026 be deleted from the Plan.
Comment no.:Q228 Date:22/02/2014 13:30
Comment by:NDP Working Party Post code:NN9 6AP - Water Lane
Following public consultation, the land owner has now submitted a revised proposition for this site: NDP-S001. The proposition is largely unchanged from the previous version and is for up to 6 high quality homes.
Comment no.:Q029 Date:15/01/2014 20:00
Comment by:Session NDP-C001 Post code:NN9 6AR - Caldecott
C. It is really important that the Duchy engages properly with us. Their redevelopment of Duchy Farm has started a ball rolling which could change the character of Caldecott completely - we need to ask them to reply within a very short time frame.

A. Again the Duchy apologises for a lack of engagement so far but hopes that the answers now provided are useful at this stage.
Comment no.:Q028 Date:15/01/2014 20:00
Comment by:Session NDP-C001 Post code:NN9 6AW - Duchy Close
C. Bidwell Lane is called a lane for a reason, with all this building proposed it would need to be widened properly to a full width 2 lane road and would then become a street. Is this what we want?

A. The Duchy is not convinced that widening the road is necessary for the small developments proposed and indeed believe that Bidwell Lane should remain a small country lane.