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NDP-S002 - Keith Oliver - Britten Close/Kimbolton Road

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NDP-S002 - Keith Oliver - Britten Close/Kimbolton Road
Comment no.:Q227 Date:22/02/2014 13:30
Comment by:NDP Working Party Post code:NN9 6AP - Water Lane
Following public consultation, the land owner has now submitted a revised proposition for this site: NDP-S002. The revised proposition makes minor changes to the proposed boundaries (still 0.5 acres) and is for 2 dwellings, 1 to be occupied by the land owner.
Comment no.:Q002 Date:07/02/2014 12:55
Comment by:Session NDP-C006 Post code:NN9 6AN - Kimbolton Road
Q. Will you use the lay-by for access?

A. Yes we have had vehicular access through our gate on the lay-by since we bought the property.