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NDP-S007 - Raymond Knight - Water Lane

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NDP-S007 - Raymond Knight - Water Lane
Comment no.:Q222 Date:22/02/2014 13:30
Comment by:NDP Working Party Post code:NN9 6AP - Water Lane
Following public consultation, the land owner has now submitted a revised proposition for this site: NDP-S007. The proposition is for a single dwelling for the land owner's use, in a style designed to suit the site and minimise the impact.
Comment no.:Q191 Date:09/02/2014 10:34
Comment by:Garry Fridd Post code:NN9 6AG - Water Lane
we feel this build would spoil the view as you come down water lane which has not changed for many years and would look out of place. it also would block our views from hall farm for which we paid for when purchasing it.we will strongly oppose any development.
Comment no.:Q115 Date:24/01/2014 11:47
Comment by:Session NDP-C003 Post code:NN9 6AP - Water Lane
General discussion on site NDP-S007

The meeting was generally supportive of a single bungalow or house on the plot, particularly as the person proposing it would be living in it. This means they would want it to be of good quality and in keeping.
Comment no.:Q095 Date:24/01/2014 10:59
Comment by:Session NDP-C003 Post code:NN9 6AF - Wateryard
Q. I like the idea of this proposal, it would fit in but what about the impact on flooding?

A. We know this could be an issue and will take this into account in the design.