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NDP-S008 - Keith Carr - Raunds Road

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NDP-S008 - Keith Carr - Raunds Road
Comment no.:Q221 Date:22/02/2014 13:30
Comment by:NDP Working Party Post code:NN9 6AP - Water Lane
Following public consultation, the land owner has now submitted a revised proposition for this site: NDP-S008. 12-16 properties are now proposed, with a variety of housing types suggested to address concerns raised. The proposal for a link road to Kimbolton Road has been withdrawn. Various options for access to the properties are suggested.
Comment no.:Q116 Date:24/01/2014 13:20
Comment by:Session NDP-C003 Post code:NN9 6AP - Water Lane
General discussion on site NDP-S008

There was clear opposition to any idea of a new road onto the Kimbolton Road. The benefits to traffic flow were hotly debated but ultimately it was the risk of opening the Village up for future development along such a road that was the biggest fear.

Several residents were concerned that this development would change the character of the Village. Instead of gradually easing into the Village coming down the Raunds Road you would enter a housing "tunnel" which would be like a town.

This development isn't considered to be "in fill" like NDP-S006 it is clearly an extension of the Village.

At least nothing would be happening for 15 years but even so it wouldn't be a welcome development.
Comment no.:Q110 Date:24/01/2014 11:33
Comment by:Cllr Adrian Dale Post code:NN9 6AB - Raunds Road
Q. What time scale are you proposing for your development?

A. We don't want to do anything to this site for 15 years.
Comment no.:Q109 Date:24/01/2014 11:31
Comment by:Session NDP-C003 Post code:NN9 6AD - Sawyers Crescent
C. I am very concerned that this could easily get out of hand and become a housing estate.

A. We definitely don't want this - we only want ribbon development.