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NDP-S009 - Keith Carr - Kimbolton Road

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NDP-S009 - Keith Carr - Kimbolton Road
Comment no.:Q220 Date:22/02/2014 13:30
Comment by:NDP Working Party Post code:NN9 6AP - Water Lane
Following public consultation, this site has now been withdrawn from the process by the land owner.
Comment no.:Q198 Date:09/02/2014 15:50
Comment by:Anonymised Post code:NN9 6AH - Higham Road
Extracted from: NDP-0171

We also believe there is merit in the proposed development of St. George's Row (NDP-S005) and Sawyers Crescent (NDP-S006) but not the proposal for the development of Kimbolton Road (NDP-S009).
Comment no.:Q189 Date:09/02/2014 10:09
Comment by:Anonymised Post code:NN9 6AN - Kimbolton Road
The main point to be considered here and one that has not been answered honestly is that if the village gives permission for the 4-6 houses in Kimbolton rd there would be nothing stopping either Keith or another developer who bought the land from applying to build further properties in the future on the basis of precedent I.e. The village allowed 4-6 houses so why can I not add some more?
The village would then stop being a village and become a sprawling town - which I don't believe most people want to happen?
Further large development would also have to include affordable housing which is clearly needed as people do need somewhere to live - but would be forced onto the village as part of this?
Comment no.:Q187 Date:07/02/2014 14:27
Comment by:Session NDP-C006 Post code:NN9 6AE - St Georges Row
Q. What about your proposal to go across to the Raunds Road from the Kimbolton Road. Would you aim to join up with the new road you are talking about tonight?

A. That's not my intention. I still think that road across the field to the Raunds Road would have been a good idea, but I understand that residents are against it and I am having second thoughts.